Clayton Tapp is the main point of contact at Orb Soundwerx and his support is the foundation that holds together the structure of our team. In addition to handling the daily operations of our company, he is a talented composer, producer and 3D artist who loves working in all areas of digital media.  


Clayton received his diploma from the Academy of Design for game development in Toronto. In the world of video game creation he has contributed to all aspects of the development process including the modeling, texturing and animation of environments, props and characters.


His unique understanding of video game development has given him a fresh and integrated perspective on music composition and sound effects implementation. Clients always praise Clayton's level of professionalism and value the creative inspiration he brings to every project. He is consistently seeking new ways to improve on quality and efficiency, with a passion for design and a drive to achieve maximum results as our industry continues to evolve.


Clayton has most recently contributed to games including Stash, Rynn's Adventure, Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers, Pheugo and Treasure Bird in Dreamland.



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