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David Logan

Music Composer

David Aaron Logan is an award-winning composer and recent Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee. He is a graduate (magna cum laude) of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. After graduation, he worked for 2 years in Toronto as a television composer. In 1996, he moved to Los Angeles where he found immediate success as a composer in the video game industry. His gaming credits include music composition for popular games like X-Men: Mutant Academy (Activision), PacMan World 2 (Namco) and Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Disney/Marvel). In addition to this, he was the first composer to write streaming interactive MIDI music for Sony PlayStation.

His music has been used extensively in television, both in advertisements like Nike’s 2004 Summer Olympics campaign featuring Marion Jones and shows like Sex and the City (HBO). He was also a featured composer for Disney’s Ready Or Not, which is currently in syndication to 42 different countries and has garnered critical acclaim.

In addition to composing music on numerous game titles for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and iOS/Android, David is currently scoring an epic soundtrack for the video game Reign of Titans, with the help of a 53-piece live orchestra.

Music Composer

Emanuele Viali

Sound Designer

Emanuele Viali is an accomplished music composer, sound designer, and sound engineer from Italy. He graduated with honors from the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and has since collaborated with studios and companies globally.

Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, Emanuele serves as the Lead Sound Designer for Orb Soundwerx.